Hibernation and the beak

by Ryan
(west bridgford, nottingham, england.)


i have 2 problems with my male 4 year old tortoise.
one is that i think hes starting to get lonely (he chases my cat round the garden and paces around a lot)
but the only way to get another tortoise is to move him out of his heated vivaruim, let him start becoming an outside tortoise and start hibernating him.
i have no idea how to hibernate him and how to start him becoming an outside tortoise. help please?

number 2 is that i think his beak is getting too long. he just ignores cuttlefish and anything eles even when i make them smell of food. its not getting in the way of feeding yet but im getting worried. help!

thanks so much!

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Sep 18, 2009
tortoise beak
by: Anonymous

A vet can trim the beak if necessary.

Sep 18, 2009
hibernating a tortoise
by: Anonymous

You didn't say what sort of tortoise you have.

If you have a tropical tortoise, it will not hibernate.

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