Painted Turtle Shell rot?

by Rachel M.

My boyfriend found me a little paint turtle during the summer while fishing with his buddies and brought it home to me. so we made it a little habitat, rocks, plants, basking spot, waterfall filter etc. once while doing laundry i had my turtle in the living room where its open to run around and play, and as soon as i turned my back my turtle was in my dogs mouth! running toward the dog she had put it down but she must of bit it at sometime and cracked the bottom and left side of its shell, its slowly getting better on the bottom but the side just seems to not be progressing as well. its more like a darkish tone along the side, just where the little circular parts are at the far edge and ive looked up shell rot but im not quite sure if thats what is wrong with it?

also i have noticed bumps on the little circular areas of its shell. im not sure if they are happening because of its shell peeling or if its more leading to the so called shell rot?

your reponse will be greatly apprechiated. Thank you.

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Apr 19, 2011
Shell problems
by: Anonymous

I would take this animal to a vet. Only be looking at the animal can the vet tell you if everything is OK and prescribe what is necessary if thigsn are not fine.

Best luck.

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