some problem with my Star

by kaush
(india - mumbai)

Hi Shelly,

Unfortunately there are no Vets for Reptiles in our area.

What happened last night was scary and painful. My baby, small 6month Star bottom was bloated with the white discharge (i could see some hard discharge waiting to come out). My baby was just running and running. first of all it cannot see by 1 eye (eye damaged) . I couldn't withstand the pain felt by her. So i tried to email you to get more details and if possible some sort of home remedy.

I gathered some courage and tried to help her and lo.. the pooped out BIG STONE kind of white discharge which is as hard as rock and as big as her head. Now i am scared, if this is going to be repeated. She is eating less since last night, i feel she suffered to much pain hence she is recuperating the pain. (This is very first instance)

This is diet i am feeding both my tortoise They are star and 6-9months old.
( in bold is their maximum diet)

1. Lettuce leaves
2. Corriender Leaves (always in their diet)
3. Cucumber
4. Tomato
5. Cabbage
6. Carrot

Please provide me some more foods that i can feel my babies which is also available in INDIA.

And could you tell me about their water intake / requirement since they dislike being in water, the moment i put them in little water just after 5 mins they tend to
keep on running to run out of water Please suggest me a remedy for them i am attaching their pics.

Also suggest me some home remedies for their diet / constipation / cold etc. I have a big problem for these reptiles in india since they are not allowed to PET but we also cant take their care. This pair was being thrown by one of the pet store owner, and i couldnt stand a sight, so i got them home (he said since this tortoise does not have vision in 1 eye she is not worth) I cant stand cruelty towards animals. moreover there is no particular place where i could send them so i decided to take their care till i am alive.

Following things are there since december i.e. when they came.

1. The eat too much of corriender leaves until i gave them lettuce ( i take care not to give any Iceberg lettuce)
2. they regularly poop properly in morning the moment i put them in water for 15 mins
3. I still dont understand Y they are not drinking water?
4. Both tortoise have healthy movements, eyes are bright and watery. except for 1 which is not functioning properly.
5. the uric acid is now a little bit slow moving, other than that everything is fine.

Requesting you to kindly guide me more on how to take care of my babies who are now a part of our family,


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May 11, 2011
Food Change
by: Anonymous

Try to give more different types of lettuce and not cabbage, carrots, cucumber and tomato, these contain too much water and sugar. What type of lettuce do you have, try to get leafy green lettuce as mush as possible. When putting them in water, make sure it's lukewarm and not too cold. This should help your situation, If you have any other questions or things don't change in about two weeks please write back.

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