My horsefield tortoise isn't eating. Help!

by Shannon

Hi, my name is Shannon and my tortoise is called Tom.

I've had my tortoise for 14 months and he is 7 years old. Since I've had him, I have never seen him drink anything but I just assumed that he got his water from his food. Over the past 2 months he has hardly eaten anything and it has now got to the point where he isn't eating anything at all. He's very strong and I've taken him to the vets loads but nothing is helping! My mum keeps on telling me that we can't keep on taking him to the vets bcos it's costing her loads. And shes considering having him put down. I really don't know what to do so can someone please help me? Its really strange bcos hes so strong and hes walking really fast, but he just tramples over his food and ignores it.
Please help me! I would be so grateful!Thanks! Shannon.

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May 12, 2009
Not eating
by: Anonymous

A lot of different factors can affect his eating habits, like the temperature of his enclosure and whether they're getting enough UVB light. Sometimes soaking them in warm water right before you feed them can get their metabolism going and stimulate them to eat. It can also help to give them their food right under their heat/UVB lamp. When have you last changed the UVB bulb? They need to be changed every six months, I hear. I would also suggest looking at for their care sheet. Whenever I have taken their advice, my Russian (or Horsefield) tortoise has been happier and healthier.

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