3 month Painted Turtle not well

2 weeks ago this little guy could run away from you as fast as lightning.

if you held him in your hand, keep a close eye and catch him as his tries to fall off.
I went on vacation for just a week and had someone feed/watch over him
But the day that i came back i took him out of his 10gallon tank and it seemed as if he barely knew how to walk...he was having trouble pull him self up to crawl away..Hes only about 3-4inches wide. tiny little guy. But he does seem to be growing a bit.
as a baby could his shell be too heavy for him? should i let him crawl out of the water more to help him?

Thanks hope you can help .

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Sep 13, 2012
a sickness turtles can get
by: Anonymous

keep him in clean water and cheak his shell for soft spots and if there are take him to the vet imeadiatly.

Jul 16, 2011
Sick Turtle
by: Anonymous

Sounds like something went wrong while you were away. I'd take this one to a vet if it doens't perk up right away. Babies of any kind can go downhill really fast.

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