Russian Tortoise Age

by Cassi
(Evanston, IL, USA)

I figure it's hard to determine the age of a Russian tortoise. Is there a site where I can find photos of Russian tortoises and their age?

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Aug 29, 2012
age of my russian tortoise
by: Anonymous

just recentley bought a russian tortoise from pet co wondering how old is he he measures around 4 inches in length

Dec 28, 2008
Google Images
by: Cassi

Hmmm, I've tried this. Most sites don't include the tortoise's age. Thanks, though!

Does anyone know if the "rings" on the plastron plates correspond to the # of years, like a tree? My tortoise has an average of 17 rings on each little plate.

Dec 28, 2008
russian tortoise photos
by: Anonymous

I don't know of one place to find photos related to age, but you might get the information you need by doing a google image search.

Go to

You will see a link to images. Click that.

Then just type in russian tortoise.

You will get many links to photos of Russian tortoises. Some of them will include the ages.

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