Why have they started biting each other ?

by carrie asquith
(North Yorkshire, UK)


I have 3 horsefeild's and recently one has started biting another one. I have been told they are both male (these 2 are the smallest out of the set). When Hector is been 'attacked' he hisses and pulls himself in his shell, then refuses to come out. I have always got to them on time and managed to separate them, but im worried that Hector is seriously going to hurt him. I have noticed this happens when they are out and about in the garden or house, but haven't seen it happen in their table top enclosure. I have read that Hector maybe trying to mate ? But im not too sure as ive read that the 'bitten' tortoise wouldn't mind and hector hates it. Please can you help ?
Carrie x

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Jun 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had that happen too, and its usually not good to have to male tortoises together in the mating season, they do and will compete for the female. I separated my Tortoises for awhile and when I put them back together they were fine. Good Luck!

Jun 13, 2010
swollen eyes
by: Anonymous

i have noticed my turtles eyes shut and swollen and hardly moving whats wrong

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