My 2 year old Herman Tortoise wont eat?

by Myfanwe

im worried about my tortoise? i have had him for 3 months and he always eats his food. however the past week he has been a bit sluggish and today he just wont eat, and isnt moving about properly. should i take him to the vets?? as they only have basic knowledge and i think this is the only tortoise? help!!

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Sep 29, 2009
Herman Tortoise disorders
by: Anonymous

Hello I am in college and i need to find out some common dietary disorders that a Herman tortoise can get and if possible how you cure them.

Sep 18, 2009
Tortoise - George
by: Myfanwe

thanks, iv tried moving his basking light down as i have read if they are too cold they will start to shut down.

well i have been recomended a vet who owns a tortoise and has lots of knowledge on them, more than the vet im currently registered with now anyways, and its not too far away so going to take George if hes no better as he hasnt eaten since wednesday.

im not sure on the humidity?? but the temp is now around 35 degrees in his bedding area which has been like that for the past day but no change?

Thanks for you advice :)

Sep 17, 2009
Hermann's tort
by: Anonymous

No problem! I would try bumping your temps:

Daytime Air Temperature: 70-90°

Nighttime Air Temperature: 60-65°

Basking Temperature: 90-95°

Humidity: 30-50%

Do you know what the humidity is?

er, sorry I forgot to convert the temps to C for you.

The food is ok, but could you vary it some more? These guys love (and need) lots of weeds and grasses.

Here is a good care sheet for you:

Before dragging him to the vet (I've heard that some of your so called exotic vets know bugger all! doh!) I would consult some of your local turtle forums. This one deals more with terrapins, but the Admin and members are awesome and happy to help:

And one more specifically for tortoises:

Either forum should be able to help you find a vet, should you need one.

Good luck! Please let us know how it goes!

Sep 17, 2009
Tortoise - George
by: myfanwe

Thanks for getting back to me.

yer i have a table top box, 3 foot by 2 foot, has a bedding area / house which has a basking light (red) above) which is 30 degrees.

down one side i have a strip light which is for reptiles. and then i have a day bulb in one corner (white bulb).

he has wood chipping for bedding, a few stones to craw over and a log tunnel.

i bath him every other day in a shallow dish.

food is everyday, dandilion leaves, cucumber, spring greens, tomoato occasionally.

hope this helps. thanks

Sep 16, 2009
More info please?
by: Anonymous

Hi, is there any way you could explain your setup? Temps on warm side, cool side? What is the humidity? What are you feeding and how often/much?

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