pet rat attack to my russian tortoise face which left a whole in it

by fatinalicea
(bronx ,n.y)

my pet rat bit my russian tortoise in the face leaving a small but serious hole in my tortoise face bitting off the front of her nose and side of her mouth which cracked her jaw now she wont eat unless i give her small drops of blended food through her hole, but its not enough food for her and no vet around me has any idea on what to do,i love her and want her to recieve help my funds are limited but ill try payment plan if nessary im getting desprite she need reconstruction on her mouth please help if you can.

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Oct 17, 2013
help for tortoise
by: Anonymous

Keep the pets separated.

Continue treating the wounds as best you can.

Oct 15, 2013
pet rat attacked russin tortuse please help
by: jasmine

Boris is my tortuse and one.of.the best things I habe in my life i was woken i have a very small apt. Boris has a.childs pool and.a light shade.water and.a house i made.for.him tonight my husbands pet rat got out and seems to have pulled him out flipped him over and went to chewing his.arms.and.legs no.head wound i can see. I washed all the wounds ans put anibotic ointment on the wounds he will not let me.dress them i called the animal hospital base.charge $900 without any.other services i .can not afford.that i am ill and disabled what should i do please advise asap

Jan 28, 2010
Injured tortoise
by: Shelly

I am SO sorry that your tortoise was badly injured.

Your post says you are in New Jersey.

I would contact tortoise rescue centers in your area. If they can't physically help, they may have the names of vets who can. If you can't find a tortoise rescue site in your area, try the Bronx Zoo.

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