skin shedding

by nathan

i have 2 yellow belly sliders 1 male 1 female i think both between 2 1/2 and 3 years old in a 6 ft tank with heating so the water is 24-25.c all uvb lighting a basking area with a nice sand box i made for them and basking light i use prime chemicals for water treatment and they get fed many different things once every 2 days in a seperate feeding tank and im about to start growing aquatic plants in another to feed them so in there big tank on the other day so they end up with something every day. they dont really get greens that much at the mo because they dont eat it but i noticed they love this one aquatic plant i gave them so im goin to grow them. but my question is with all this they are contantly losing quite a lot of skin and have been for a while its not red or sore looking at all and this is a new set up ive just done allthough ive had them over 2 years and as i said they havent reaaly eaten much greens up intill i can grow lots of my own because they are far too expensive to bye and just be eaten straight away from a pet shop, so i was wondering if you had any advise on what could be the problem and solution. ill include a few photos.


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Aug 20, 2016
Yelloemw bellied slider
by: Anonymous

What about yellow bellied sliders?

Dec 15, 2010
basking temps
by: Anonymous

thanks for your comments again just another question, as you can see from my photo's ive a basking area with sand to try make thing more naterial and in hope of them breeding in the future but i cant get a defenant answer from the internet on whats the best temp for the sand to be, and the air temp around the basking to be.
Ive seen so many different things written for water temps to be for my type of turtles yellow belly sliders so be nice to know the proper temp.
mine at the moment all are for water 27-28.c
air around basking area 28.c
sand in basking area 30.c
just so i can get the basking bulb at the right height for them.
thanks and im sure ill have many more questions in the future if you dont mind helping me out.

Dec 01, 2010
Turtle Skin Shedding
by: Shelly

You are right that sometimes skin shedding is a problem. This article will give you some information about possible causes.

Keep it slow and steady.

Nov 30, 2010
constant skin shedding
by: nathan

thank you for your comments and i have read up on the things you have said, but the shedding has been a constant thing and all though yes they will as they grow they have gotten to a good size already and still shedding a lot of lose skin constantly and have all ways been like this all though it doesnt seen to bother them i have read that it is not a natral thing that should happen for a normal set up only while growth and not all the time. ive had the first maybe 3 years and he is the worse and the other female not had quite as long is the same so i didnt know if maybe its not the growth as it doesnt happen constantly in the wild and if its something im doing wrong, as i cant see the growing at a rate after this age and size to be constanly having that much lose skin.

Nov 29, 2010
by: Tara B.

The shedding is normal; especially if you just switched them to a larger tank and they are growing good.

As for Plants; I started off getting a weekly assortment of plants from the pet store- yes it is very expensive. Until one day; someone told me they eat all kinds of greens; my red ear slider loves carrot top greens and Kale; they can also eat any type of greens like turnip and the really green lettace.

Good Luck!

Nov 28, 2010
Skin shedding
by: Anonymous

If your Turtles are growing at a good rate they are just shedding their skin as they are growing. My Red Slider eats everything, love any greens and so does my yellow belly scooter, and they shed skin to fit their growth.

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