i am confussed

Ok ummmmm. a few days ago me and my husband found either a tortoise or a turtle on the side of the road and i have know idea wather it is a boy or girl or if its a turtle or tortoise. It is a little thing and its not afraid of anyone here except my daughter. help me out please i have a picture if anyone needs to see it.

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Jun 25, 2009
good quetion
by: Anonymous

hi there you have a very good question and you are very lucky to find a TORTOISE because in pet shops they cost about 300 dollars each!! and the way that i know that it is a tortoise is because i have a pet turtle and i did some research and tortoises have some squares/rectangles that actually show and if you look closely at the feet, they are not webbed but they are sort of elephant feet shaped and they have rough scaly skin that you can see, unlike turtles who have smoother scaly skin. But unfortunately, i do not know if it is a boy or girl. i hope you find out soon and enjoy your tortoise!

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