How many tortoises should I own?

by Mark
(Staines. U.K.)


I have just taken ownership of a Greek Spur Thighed tortoise. It is one that I had as a child and now we have it for our child to enjoy .

We only have one tortoise now though.

What is the ideal number of tortoises to keep and love as pets?



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Jun 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

It depends on how much area you have for your future Tortoise's and how much time you have to care for them. I own 11 Tortoises and while they take up a lot of my free time, they are the most wonderful additions to our family, except of course my Grandsons who love them to. Make sure you are able to give them enough area to graze in their enclosure and that they are protected from other animals and birds. They need a warm place to sleep and a variety of food. I grow my own lettuces and greens t help with the cost. They have their own salad bar!

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