Female Tortoise seems lethargic and won't eat

by Larry
(Riverside County California)

Why is my 15 year old Female desert tortoise so Lethargic this year?

I have 2 desert tortoises 1 male 25 yrs & 1 female 15 yrs.

we got her 12 months ago. have had him 5 years or so. We live in southern california at an elevation of about 900 ft elevation about 50 miles from the ocean..... its July and we have temp of 80 to 100 with cool nights. We have a back yard they use of over 2000 sq feet of turf and plants. I do not spray weeds or fertilize the lawn (just water)

Both tortoises were up and around from June to December last year.

this year the male is ok, but the female seems very lethargic and doesn't seem to eat much. she will find a corner to "hide" and just stay still. if we put her in the middle of the back yard, she will simply slowly find another place to sit (under a bush or ...). I think she poops from time to time but it is hard to know if it is the male coming to visit or is it her..... the same with veggies we leave her. The food disappears but it could be the male taking it (but we very seldom see her eat).

Any ideas? Could she be "with child"?

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