I have two horsefeild tortoise's that have been in hibernation for five weeks,this is their second hibernation and my first!

Have been checking temps and movement every day,but tonight pickle seems to have no movement after a quick cuddle and after keeping him or her in for three hours limbs seem floppy,is this normal or has my baby died.
The little one has been moving,help,help,help.
They have been sleeping in our out house although it has been very dirricult to control tempertures.
Chrissy H

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Jan 14, 2010
I'm Sorry.
by: Redfoot

I'm Sorry but from the condition, your tortoise is either dead or so close that all is hopeless. this is why many say not to hibernate a baby, or not hibernate at all.

if he is still breathing and warm, and if he eyes aren't open and he is breathing he extremely sick, and you [i] may[/i] try the vet.

i'm sorry.

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