Help please....

by Ray McGarry
(Limni.Evia Island.Greece)

As an animal lover i found an injured tortoise on the road and brought him home. His leg has a cut which is quite deep but not bleeding. Unfortunately the sliced piece of meat on his leg, just before his claws and away from his shell, mid way i would say, has an upward turn and he cannot put his leg back into his shell.

What can i put it on to sooth his pain and what can i use to bind the piece back down until it heals .

Do not suggest a vet please, this is rural Greece and they are far and few between, if anything can be done , give me instructions , i will do it myself.

Sorry if its too much bother and hope you can help, my e mail is and my name is wishes and many thanks.

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May 08, 2010
by: Ray mcgarry

Thanks for the help in saving the tortoise wishes.

Ray McGarry.
Proud to be an animal lover !

May 08, 2010
keep it clean
by: laura

I would put polysporin on it , the clear ointment . and maybe try and bandage it up with some gauze and medical tape . just be sure to keep it clean with warm water and an antibacterial non scented soap . then dry it well and apply ointment and bandage . change the bandage on a regular basis as well . good luck

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