Sulcata Tortoise Not Eating Much

I have had my Sulcata for almost a year and things had been going very well. However, for about the past week, the tortoise hasn't shown much interest in eating where before it was a vigorous eater. It seems to eat some of it's tortoise pellets --"Grassland Tortoise Food" but only a small amount and will run over or ignore everything else. Now that it is winter dandylions are no longer in season (it liked those)and it would eat red leaf lettuce as well. Since this slow down of eating, I did manage to find some dandylions but he wasn't interested. I've been keeping the tortoise warm and have full light spectrum lamp and heat lamp at night. I thought maybe it was suffering some kind of emotional problem so I started handling it more and letting it walk around my house when we can supervise and include it in our family. The tortoise gets regular soaks every other day and has access to fresh water in a dish as well. I know that this question can be complex. Anything I can try in addition to what I'm doing? Also when it is free in the garden it doesn't want to eat anything "green". It will eat bits of dog or horse poop. Could that have anything to do with it that he may have picked up a worm? My dogs don't have worms but horses always do. Thanks.

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Mar 05, 2010
Cant lose my baby
by: loves animals

My baby is having same prob. No vet in this area that take any pet other then cats and dogs.Please help my baby and me.Any ideas please contact-Thank you all so much for your concerns of all creatures.I give hay,KALE, dandilions---PLEASE HELP!!!I can't lose him -Please

Dec 20, 2009
Sulcata doesn't eat
by: Shelly

First of all, I'm so glad that you are concerned about your pet.

Second, you have given a really good description of the situation. That will make it easier for people to help you.

I have two suggestions.
1. You can try alfalfa hay.
2. I imagine that a vet will want a stool sample. It really is a good idea to see a vet when things don't improve on their own. If you can take in a stool sample, that might help. Of course the vet may not need one. That's just a guess on my part.

I wish you the best.

If you could post back here what happens, your experience could help other pet owners.

Keep it slow and steady.

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