Red-Foot Neck Bleeding

by Katelyn
(West Virginia)

I bought my red footed tortoise a little while ago for my 3rd grade classroom. Just recently she has been developing sores and bleeding around her neck. At first, we thought her shell was cutting her neck so we put a band-aid on it to stop the rubbing. However, the bleeding has not stopped and my students are getting very worried about her! Please help!!

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Jan 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Please get her to a vet asap, it doesn't matter right now how she was cut, all that matters is that she needs medical attention right now. A classroom is not a good place to raise a Redfoot Tortoise. It really needs special attention and a large area to grow and wander within a humid environment. Please get her help soon...there are a lot of great books and info as to how to take care of her.

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