Living together

I have a 7 yr old female med spur thigh. A friend needs to rehome a 4 yr old hermans sex unknown. could they both live together in the garden? If so could they both sleep in the same tort kennel? or will they need separate homes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I really to give this little fella a home.

Many thanks

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Jul 04, 2010
mixing breeds
by: Anonymous

It's not a good idea to mix breeds. They can give each other diseases.

Jun 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have three different types of tortoise's living together and they are all doing great, I've had them together for years and because they grew up together they get along great. Just make sure both Tortoises are healthy and do not have any worms or any other heath problems. By watching them, they will let you know if they like each other or not..

Jun 02, 2010
Tortoise fights
by: Robaloie

Unfortunately it would be not advised, because of the possibilities of them not getting along. However, there is the possibility they could get along totally fine.

Hopefully some one will be able to post more knowledge then I would regarding these specific accounts.

I can not guarantee there will be no problems, but I personally would build separate turtle dens and keep a very close eye on them together. Sanitation would also be a must in their shared environment. Again, you may want to keep them quite segregated at first, if you feel the caution is necessary.

However, I do honestly feel they will be totally fine. Just make sure you keep it very clean ! I do stress, clean out the tortoises poo.

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