Dog bit tortoise shell

My leopard tortoise escaped his enclosure and I just found him in my dogs mouth. His shell is broken on the sides and in the front... its not bleeding but parts look like bare pink skin. He hasn't come out of his shell since then, what can I do??

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Apr 16, 2011
My dog bit my tortise
by: Jacky Day

My dog di exactly the same, she thought it was her new toy. The tortoise was upside down bleeding when I found him.His shell was split in 2 from top to bottom and punctured in several places.
I took him in and bathed his wounds in warm water with Betadine (iodine) diluted. I kept him warm and wraped in a towel, bathing him 3 times a day and changing his dressing for a week. After that I bound his wounds tightly and let him go outside, still changing and bathing 3 times a day. I did find maggots in his wound but left them to grow for 3 days then removed them. I bathed him 3 times daily until his wounds started to heal. He was eating and drinking and moving around as normal by this time. He should have had antibiotics but I really didnt think he was going to make it. That was 2 years ago and he is a real fiesty fella, he now chases the dog away !!

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