Greek Tortoise - Cloudy White Liquid

by Kevin Lanier
(Houston, TX)

Our tortoise excreted a cloudy white liquid this AM and wondered what this means. Have not seen this in year + we've had him (normal color is dark brown or green).

He eats romaine lettuce daily (with calcium sprinkle couple times a week).

He is now indoors for the winter here in Houston.

Got a new UV light this winter. Last winter used only a red infrared light for warmth.

Help / advice?

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Nov 18, 2010
White cloudy liquid
by: Shelly

The white cloudy liquid your tortoise expelled is the same as what a bird expels -- urates -- and it is normal. If it ever gets hard, your tortoise is dehydrated.

I hope you are feeding your tortoise something besides romaine lettuce. Tortoises need roughage in their diets. Hay that is low in protein would be a good place to start. The calcium sprinkle is good idea.

You may find this article on tortoise lighting helpful.

Keep it slow and steady.

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