is there something wrong with my redfoot?

by nathan thomason
(canton michigan)

I just recently bought a juvenile redfoot tortoise, and he seems to be doing fine he eats every day poops when i soak him lol, but recently he seems to look very dry like the cracks in between his scales look whitish. i mist his cage with water 2 to 3 times daily to keep his humidity up. If that's why his eyes and skin keep dry what else can i do? i cant be home all the time to mist his cage?? i am running a flourecent uvb and under tank heating pad and a 75 infra red heat lamp. both lights are turned off at night and just the heatpad stay on she is in a 20 gallon long, soon to be in a 40 breeder. any suggestoins? or is it normal for them to look a little dryish

thank nate

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Aug 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

To keep your humidity up in your cage you can buy an automatic mister. We have a baby redfoot and I am currently looking into the automatic misters as well. There are several different kinds, including a hot steam kind that is recommended because it does not decrease the temperature in the enclosure when it mists, as the steam is already warm. They can be found at your local pet store, although you will probably have better luck ordering online.

Apr 19, 2009
red foot
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry I'm not an expert, so I can't say if looking dry is normal.

But I can suggest you use Cyprus mulch. It holds the moisture well to help with humidity.

Also, does your pet have a place to soak at will? It should not be deep enough to drown in, but deep enough to get a good soak.

I hope this helps.

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