baby cooter

by Eric Clemens
(Cambridge ontario canada)

i got a baby cooter in my 35 gallon tank rite now and i know turtles liek to be in a pair or groups so i askd my friend which doesn't really want his two baby map turtles and red ear sliders, both babies if i could buy his but before i put them in my tank i want to knos if there is enough room and if they would be friendly with each other and not kill one another.

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Aug 20, 2010
I think so....
by: Anonymous

Research the types of turtles first to see if their eating habits and housing needs are the same or atleast similar. Meanwhile I have 3 red eared sliders along with my peninsula cooter...and no troubles. When I was looking for an addition to my tank the map turtles were ones I was thinking about based on this so I would think it would be fine.

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