Feeding med spur-thighed torts

by Kirsty B

I have two 6 year old med spur-thighed torts, 1 male 1 female, i was given them from a friend who was immigrating and whilst i did research before getting them i'd just like to ask.

a) i feed them soaked T-Rex pellets and Herb Cobs with bunch of mixed leaves on top every other day (as friend said i should) is this correct is there anything i should/shouldn't be doing?
I am particularly worried that this food choice is not enough to keep their beaks from over growing.
b) also they are kept in a viv and taken out every day to stretch their legs but noticed that their nails are getting long and wanted best advice on what to do now and how to maintain in the future

any help would be appreciated sorry if its long winded
Ta Kirsty, Scotland x

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