My russian tort has a soft head.

by Lisa
(Barberton, Ohio)

I recently purchased a Russian tort for my son and can't really find a lot of books that provide a whole lot of information. My son noticed that behind the head about where the neck starts it feels soft and squishy. Now I have never noticed this because I don't really touch it a whole lot. Is this normal? Has it been that way and it was never noticed? Is this just an over reaction on my son's part?

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Jul 27, 2009
Russian Tortoise info
by: Anonymous

I have a Russian Tortoise too, and the best resource I've found for information specific to them is and I would suggest that for you. Whenever I have taken their advice, my tortoise seems to get happier and healthier.

In answer to your question, Russian Tortoises have hard scales on their face and the top of their head but have soft, flexible skin on their necks, and that might be what your son is feeling.

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