Fall from Laundry sink

by sandy

Hi there, my tortoirse managed to get out of the laundry sink whilst feeding, as a result he has fallen the height of the sink onto a tiled surface. He has sustained injury to the side of his armour above his front left, has taken a small amount off it, isnt cracked or bleeding but looks fleshy, more like a graze. Also has a small graze on the top middle of his shell, again not cracked of bleeding and also has a small hairline crack in one of his armour plates about 3 plates to the right of his tail. Its only tiny but has some very small bleeding. Tortoise is still walking ok and doesnt seeem to be in any pain. Have put some betadine onto wounds but am worried that the cracked plate may break, will he be ok and is there anything a vet can do? The crack is about 3mm from the edge of his shell so wouldnt be a large piece if it was to come off.

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Dec 20, 2009
cracked shell
by: Shelly

Any time there is blood involved in a shell injury, you should see a vet. A cracked shell needs to be checked for underlying injury. A vet can properly clean the wound to avoid infection. A vet can also repair the shell if necessary.

Keep it slow and steady.

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