rescued Russian Tort

by majorsmomma

I just resuced a Russian tort. I have 2 other torts at home and this one looks sick. I am thinking it is just his age but perhaps someone can help me. His body scales look raised and dry. The scales around his eyes are missing and it is grey in color. His beak is super over grown and I will be filing that down and trimming his nails. Since his beak is so long i dont think he can eat. So, is it age or once i get his beak trimmed and he can eat better will he look better?

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May 09, 2010
sick pet
by: Anonymous

I would not put the new tortoise with your other pets in case of the transfer of disease.

You probably already know about diet, light, soaking, and other general care. For more specific help, you will want to see a vet, preferably one who specializes in reptiles.

Good luck.

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