Reptile Light

by Joshua

K For the turlte I kno U can Use A 5% UVB Reptile Light But Can U Use A 10% UVB Reptile Light Or Is It to Stong Ive Got A Spare 10% UVB one and i wanted to save some Cash

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Aug 28, 2009
UVB lighting Strength
by: Susan

I use a 10.0 UVB light and I have no problem with my Map Turtle's shell..same price as the 5.0, and lasts twice as long so i have heard..I have used one for a new turtle for over a month now, and shell is hard and healthy...I was told my someone at a store to use one, as they raise turtles. They are still fairly new... I hope that helps, Susan.

Aug 28, 2009
UVB light for chelonian
by: Shelly

This lighting article will give you far more information than you asked for, but it will show you how important and specific the lighting should be.

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