My turtle has a "growth?" hanging off her nose

by Lydia

My gulf coast box turtle has chunk of thick skin hanging off her nose. She had been butting her nose against the plexiglass of her enclosure, and I think that is how the skin got irritated in the first place. It end of the skin is dry like a scab, but where it is attached to her it is pink and when I touched it hurt her. I have been trying to put neosporin on it, but don't want to block off her nostrils. Should I take her to the vet or will this eventually fall off? She is otherwise very active and eating well.

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Sep 12, 2010
cover it up
by: Anonymous

covering up the plexi glass was a great idea most turtles/tortosises get stress ed by being able to see the out side world so keep the glass covered up so she wont hurt herself anyfurther

Sep 11, 2010
Update on
by: Lydia

I have been putting betadine solution on my turtle's "growth," and it is drying up and now looks like it will be falling off pretty soon. I have covered the clear plexiglass so she won't butt her head against it anymore. All is well with Turtle Girl.

Sep 05, 2010
plexiglass turtle enclosure
by: Anonymous

I can't say what will happen with her nose.

But please do cover the plexiglass so she will stop hurting herself. Lots of turtles or tortoises will be upset at being able to see things they can't get to. If you block her view of the outside world, she won't try to get out like that.

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