Russian tortoise shell

by Gabby
(Temecula, ca)

I have a russian tortoise whose shell has recently started lifting up near her legs... i changed the light in her cage to a uv lamp but this doesnt seem to be helping...any suggestions ?

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May 02, 2010
Tortoise shell
by: Sunny

I believe this is common among younger Russian tortoises as there shell grows. My tortoise's shell does the same thing as do the shells of many tortoises I've see pictures of around the web, as I do my research.

Apr 26, 2010
Russian Tortoise shell
by: Susan

Like all turtles and tortoises they need UVA and UVB lighting.. They require small amounts of fruit, sparklingly but large amounts of calcium, romaine lettuce is the highest of greens, also has lots of vit A for the eyes.... they need 70-80 deg F, depending on age, 10-12 hrs of UVA for warmth in a basking area as well as UVB to help digest and metabolize vitamins in order to grow strong bones and shell...they live in dry conditions.. I hope this helps...sincerely, Susan..

Apr 26, 2010
Russian Tortoise
by: Anonymous

Make sure she has calcium supplements with her food, get her outside to natural sunlight as much as possible...if this doesn't help contact you Vet.

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