What kind of turtle

by Charlie melnarik
(Hamilton Montana USA )

What kind of turtle do I have I found it on the side of the road he has a beak a kinda small

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Jun 18, 2023
Not enough info to id tortoise
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, the description you gave is far too vague to even guess what you may have found.

Be aware that removing many turtle/tortoise from the wild is illegal. This is because they're on the endangered species listing. If the turtle/tortoise is injured, get the turtle/tortoise to a rescue to perhaps rehabilitate and release. This gets a little tricky without your help because they normally live in a very set area so just releasing the turtle/tortoise will leave the turtle/tortoise with no knowledge of its surroundings.

Dec 07, 2013
box turtle?
by: Anonymous

Sounds just like my eastern box turtle :)

Nov 22, 2011
what kind of turtle is this
by: amber sanders

he is small with a all brown top shell,light brown on bottom,yellow dots on front legs and face,front feet have 5 claws,back legs have no dots with 3 claws,with a short tail,he is not shy likes crawling around the house

Oct 08, 2011
i have fully green turtle what specie is this?
by: Anonymous

where is it found ?

Jul 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

No telling from the description you gave. I hope ou put it back so it can have a happy life.

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