by Amy Havanna

Our 8 inch tortoise has gotten a piece of black nylon string somehow wrapped around his neck, and his upper neck and face is buldged and swollen.

He is still breathing ok, but he cannot eat or drink, and we are afraid the swollen face will infect if the string isn't removed soon.

We took him to the vet who was rather un helpful, but the vet told us that it was very dangerous to anethitise a tortoise, as they may retract into their shalls and die.

We have considered chloroform, as a relaxant, because it is impossible to keep the tortoise to keep his head out so we can cut the string.

If you have any helpful information, please, please help, as it is very urgent!

Yours Sincerely,

Amy Havanna


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Jan 19, 2011
by: Amy Havannna

YAY!! I came up with a wonderful and simplistiuc solution.... an unpicker =)

With the help of my family, holding out the arms, legs and head of the tortoise, I used the beaded end of the unpicker to slide underneath the tight string without hurting the tortoise, and swiftly but carefully, we managed to get the tortoise to be safe again to eat and drink and be happy =)....

If anyone has a similar circumstance, the unpicker can provide veeery useful (JUST REMEMBER TO CUT OR FILE DOWN THE LONG POINTY END) The ball at the end allows for you to safely, and moderately easily, free the tight string =).....
I hope this is helpful to you all =)

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