My red eared slider.

by Fara

dear Sir / Madam

This is my first time keeping a pet.. and i hope i can find some helpful tips on caring for my pet. My red eared slider always sleeps and seldom
thank u...

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Nov 17, 2010
by: Tara B

I had trouble with my red ear slider turtle eating as well; I had to change up his food; when they are young they prefer animal protin; small fish; shrimp; black worms; things like that. My red ear also Loves Greens- try some carrot top greens or kale-

your turtle just might not like what you are feeding him.

be sure to give him an area out of the water he can bask in the Sun Lamp.

Nov 16, 2010
My red eared slider
by: Susan

Hi, the reason why he is sleeping is because he is not eating as he needs warmth from a UVA light. This is what stimulates them to eat, and his eyes are closed because he is not getting any Vitamin A and his eyes must be open in order for him to eat. He also needs calcium and other vitamins for his over all health.... Calcium makes the shells and bones hard. (add a cuddle bone to the water).. In order to metabolize the food, he needs a UVB light.....If he has been this way for a while it might be advisable to take him to a vet that specializes in Reptiles.... I hope this helps, sincerely Susan...

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