Feeding tortise medicine (get its head out)

by Joseph
(Kuala Lumpur)

I need to feed my tortise medicine, but I cannot get/keep its head out of its shell. Everytime I touch it, the head goes inside the shell again. I also need to force open its mouth. Anyone knows how to do it? It is dehydrated and dying...

it is a very small tortise (baby leopard tortoise).

- Joseph

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Jun 07, 2009
medicating tortoise
by: Anonymous

Can you sprinkle the medicine on some food?

Also, soak your tortoise to help with the dehydration. Use lukewarm water. The water should be just above the joint in the top and bottom shells. The soaking can last as long as the tortoise likes it, and should be long enough to do some good. At a guess, I'd say 10 minutes at least. Stay with the tortoise so if there are problems, you can intervene.

If you can't sprinkle the medicine on the food, call the vet and ask for advice. I can't believe they didn't demonstrate or at least tell you how to give the medication.

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