eye infection

what can i do so my turtle won't have the eye infection anymore

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Jun 22, 2009
Make the turtle recover by itself.
by: Rosamond

If the infection is not too serious, keep the tortle tank in a dark place and let it recover by itself. Meanwhile, don't feed it anything. After a week, try to use some small fish to touch its mouth. If it's better, it will eat. If it doesn't eat, keep it alone for a longer time until it opens its eyes.

Of course, going to the vets place may be a better choice. However, turtles can recover themselves without any pet when the infection is not very serious.

Eyes infection is a very popular disease among the turtle pets. You should keep the water clean. Once you feed them or once they poo, you'd better change the water immediately, or you'll run the risk that they can't open their eyes and they stop eating.

Jun 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

First, take your turtle to the vet. The vet will ask questions that will help to discover what caused the infection.

The vet will also give your turtle medication to kill the infection. That's really important because you don't want it to spread to other body parts.

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