Oh no! Fertilizer mouth!

by Shyla
(North Carolina, USA)

Hi, I need help real quick- I was outside with my friend and his African Spurred Tortoise to day, watching her as she chewed grass and basked. All of a sudden, she ran towards some fertilizer he had under the porch and before he could get to her, she had taken a bite! She seems to be ok, she is still walking around and eating grass. It's been about 30 minutes since it happened, but since we can not get to the vet (his family has his car and that's who we are waiting on) I thought I'd ask here to see how much danger she is in, and if there is anything we can do for her. Please help!

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Aug 06, 2009
tortoise eating fertilizer
by: Shelly

1. Get to the vet. (Sounds like you have that covered.)
2. Check the fertilizer container and see if there is a treatment for humans that eat it.
3. Call your poison control and ask for help. You will need to know what the fertilizer is so they can help you with what to do.

Best wishes.

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