6-7mnth old leopard tortoise

by obi

im wondering exactly how active my tortoise should be...and how about the shell is it ok if its still soft in place or should i be concerned.....i feed him greens and grasses i let him soak idk if i should take him to a vet..

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Oct 22, 2010
Sick Pet
by: Anonymous

Both things you mention mean your pet is ill.

It needs both heat and sunlight to recover. If you do not have access to direct sunlight during the day, you must provide UVB light. This will allow your pet to metabolize calcium, which will make the shell hard. Note that sunlight through a window does not count. The glass filters out helpful rays.

A tortoise is cold blooded and takes its internal temperature from the surrounding area. It needs heat energy to be able to move and even to digest its food.

This page will give you lots of valuable information to help you with details of how to care for your pet.


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