White stuff in the water

The last couple of day my sons Dessert Box Turtle has had white stuff in it's water. I think it must be throwing it up but haven't seen this happen. Any ideas about where it could be coming from. I see no outward signs of any problems. the turtle is eating well too.


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Jun 03, 2011
white stuff
by: Anonymous

this white stuff is the protein in the food that the tortoise has been eating, it dosen't throw up but it poo's it out, the tortoise is an animal that mus'nt eat too much protein. if you notice birds do the same thing, in their poo there is white stuff because the insects that they eat are full of protein. hope this helps.

Jun 03, 2011
White Stuff
by: Vinayaka

To my experience, I even often see white stuff in the water and it may be the shedding of turtle's skin. If the substance is thin white filament then it is turtle shed skin.

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