new turtle owner red footed

by Nicole
(Delaware, USA)

I just got a red footed tortoise. And I didn't do much research before purchasing it. I was really interested in the red eared slider but when I got to PetSmart the lady talked to me out of it and said this would be a better choice so her being the expert I agreed. My questions is mine is about 6 months old and seems to be sleeping all day when I go to bed its in the same spot as when I wake up and it has even been there after 8 hours at work. Is this normal? Is it still adjusting to the new area? Or is there something possibly wrong is it not warm enough? humid enough? is he sick?

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Jan 29, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your help. I think he just needed time to adjust to the new surroundings he is out and about all the time. I have a 75 gallon tank and a heat lamp and pad for him. I have done more research on him and I think this is the perfect pet for me.

Jan 26, 2011
red foot Tortoise
by: Anonymous

Pls do your research. This Tortise is from a very humid needs a large place to walk around and it needs both heat and the sun. Please research what this Tortise needs and. Decide if u can provide for its needs..
...I have both a red foot Tortise and a red eared slider and while they both need care a large aquarium and a strong pump and proper lightning may of been easier. ..

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