tortoise eye problem

by Will
(Tucson AZ USA)

ive had my desert tortoise about two weeks and i have not seen its eys open at all. and he also has some scales that have falen off. it wandered into my yard and im not sure were he came from i would have just left him alone but we live in the city near a main road and i didnt want it to get ran over. it hasnt eaten at all as far as i can tell since he came.

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May 04, 2010
Eye Problem
by: Anonymous

call a vet asap, these Tortoises are protected and also call your local Tortoise rescue society in your area..They will know what to do....

May 03, 2010
tortoise eye problem.
by: Susan

he is sick, and needs attention, eyes are an indication about his diet,and pieces of shell falling off also diet, he needs the proper UVA LIGHT, AND UVB.. he eyes are shut as need needs lots of vitamin A and his shell need calcium for his bones and shell health, the UVB light is what metabolizes these vitamins and of course UVA is for warmth...A vet might be the best bet, but maybe you could phone a zoo if you have one in the area to help, maybe they can take the tortoise. These are some options to think about...hope this helps.sincerely, Susan.

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