Food coming out from turtle's nose

by Yeo Wan Jun

Hello! I took my 12 year old red ear slider to a vet after realizing that it's eyes are closed for about 5 days and have bubbles coming out from it's nose. The vet told me that my terrapin has an eye infection and respiratory infection. He told me that I have to hand feed my terrapin as it can't see.

So, after I successfully put the food into the terrapin's mouth, I placed it down where there's some water, height of about 1.5cm, below. As it open and close its mouth repeatedly, small pieces of food came out from its mouth. I don't know if it's trying to swallow the food with the help of water, or trying to flush out the food from its mouth with water.

And after that, some food started coming out from it's nose. It also opens its mouth really big, like there's something in its throat or something.

I really have no idea what's going on. Is it choking from its food? Or maybe some food got into the lungs?

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Jun 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

My red footed is bubbling from the mouth and nose and I dont know what to do!!!? I am really scared

Nov 23, 2011
My terrapin><
by: Anonymous

My terrapin has like the cheeks are swollen

Aug 27, 2011
Same Here ! : /
by: Anonymous

My Turtle Has The Same Thing But I Dint Knoe What To Do :/

Jul 16, 2011
Food coming out
by: Anonymous

First, be sure you give only small amounts of food by hand. Chop things up.

If this turtle is still not eating well, get back to the vet who can tell you what is probably going on. A phone call may do.

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