African spur thighs in same cage?

by justin Rader

I have an African spur thigh with a big tortoise table and I’m in the process of building an outdoor cage but I feel bad because he doesn’t have a friend. So, I am thinking of buying another around the same age. But, I’m afraid if they don't get along cause I really wouldn’t want to separate the cage and I read that they often clash shells. THEREFORE, would it be a good idea to buy another one and how would they react?

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May 15, 2010
mixing tortoises
by: Shelly

In general, tortoises don't want or need to have "friends". If you do decide to get a second tortoise, be sure you have enough room for both to have private space.

It is not a good idea to mix breeds. They are vulnerable to different illnesses and can easily spread diseases to each other, sometimes fatally.

Keep it slow and steady.

May 15, 2010
African spur Tortoise
by: Anonymous

Ask your local reptile store, some even have a few day policy that you can bring the Tortoise back...All of my Tortoises get along and they are from other countries...They are all happy together..

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