Turtle not using back legs

by Leanne

What is wrong with my turtle, he is about a year old and has been healthy until now... he is not moving much, but when he does he only swims with his front legs. He is not using his back legs at all..they don't seem broken, his shell is also soft,so was wondering if has deficiency or if an extra filter is the problem? I have tried to feed the turtle fish blocks but prefers fish flakes (which he pinches from the fish in tank with him) is this the problem..mind you hes been doing this since I've had him. Please desperate to help my turtle..thanks

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Nov 06, 2011
by: Anoyumous

The soft shell could be because your turtle is not getting enough calcium. Be sure to feed it more then just fish flakes, these are not meant to be feed all of the time to the turtle and you should look up what kind of food it really needs.

Also your turtle needs sunlight so get basking lamp with uvb lighting if you do not have one, the light helps it digest calcium which keeps it healthy.

And do you have a part in the tank where it can get out of the water and walk around?

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