Map turtle acting strange

by Travis

I have a 2 yr old Map turtle and yesterday cleaned and rearanged his tank and now all he does is go to the corner of the deep end of the tank and swims up and down against the glass, He will not eat or bask under his light has anyone seen this behavior before?

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Dec 30, 2010
Acting Strange
by: Anonymous

I agree it sounds like he is just reacting to his change of setup. I had to move my female map and male musk recently to a different tank whilst I added a nesting area to their main one (they are breeding!!) The female map was fine, it didnt bother her one bit but the male musk started acting very aggressive and sticking to the side of the tank and acting like he was trying to get out. Now I have him back in the main tank he is back to normal. Hope this helps :0)

Dec 29, 2010
acting strange
by: Anonymous

You said you rearranged his tank. He could be reacting to this. I have box turtles and if I put one of their hiding boxes in a different place in the enclosure they notice and act a little different until they get used to it.

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