Tortoise poop at my door

I just got a desert tortoise that just came out of hibernation (barely). She seems nice and all, and I've been introducing her to my nieces and nephews. They've been gentle and respectful. So why is it that she took it upon herself to leave shat at my door? Is this normal tortoise behavior. Is she mad at me? Is she mad I woke her up? Is it possible to potty train a tortoise?

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Jun 12, 2016
Toilet trained Tortoise -
by: Chris -

From what I'm reading on the internet tortoises are clever animals who prefer to go outside to go if there is a pet door and I'm assuming if the weather is good - I'm also reading often tortoises would go next to the door if they can't get outside and if there are newspapers close to the door they will probably go on that - I'm interested in Tortoises because i remember when i was a kid delivering newspapers some woman had a tortoise roaming around her apartment - i asked her how does the tortoise go to the bathroom ? She said when the tortoise has to go the tortoise uses its head to tap her on the foot then she puts the tortoise in the bathtub then it goes - I'm fairly convinced tortoises are clever animals - the tortoise came to the door where i was standing and was looking at me so i decided to talk to it using its name then it started making some noise at me as if it was talking to me. The woman said the tortoise likes me and this is unusual. Maybe i have an unusual ability to make positive connections with animals. I'm thinking it is possible to train tortoises to go somewhere but where ? A litter box with a ramp for easy access ? Apparently they like to go in warm water to do their business but i don't think this is an absolute necessity. don't drown your tortoise.

Feb 20, 2010
Potty training a tortoise
by: Shelly

A tortoise cannot be "trained."

Keep it slow and steady.

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