baby turtle

by Ashley

my baby turtle i just got a week ago does not want to eat. At first i thought it was because he did not like the pelats and i got him shrimp. Once i got him the shrimp he didnt eat it. I need help on what to do. Many people have told me to get a aquarium and get a light and a heater and i want to know if it is true. please i need help on what to do.


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Apr 22, 2010
baby turtle
by: Susan

baby turtles need an aquarium, I would get the biggest you can afford, now i started with a 20 gallon at first, you need a UVA light for warmth and basking, area like floating dock, temps should be upper 80's to lower 90's, keep thermometer at the site of basking area, then on other side have a UVB light which helps him metabolize his food, ie. to help keep his shell hard and healthy, need a heater in the water and since he is a baby keep in high 70's low 80's, and a good filtration system, now I have a 65 gallon tank and use a cannister filter. Keep water very clean, frequent changes, as well as vacuum out..Have to monitor the ph level, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, now pet shops can sample your water for you, it takes about 6 weeks to get the water in balance, now I shaving calcium in water from a cuddle bone, I would give your baby turtle some calcium fortified pellets, that have calcium for the shell, vitamin A for the eyes, and your B vitamins for over all health. I personally hand feed my map turtle a couple of pellets in the morning and late afternoon, every day, and he is a year old and is healthy, hard shell, now this works for me. at 5-6 months I introduced romaine lettuce which has all the vitamins he needs, as you have to watch too much protein, want them to grow at a nice rate, not have their shell pyramid.. Mine also likes English Cucumber, plays with it as well as eats, gets lots of exercise. I don't do all these other things, shrimp is fatty and higher in protein, he needs calcium, and there are sever pellets on the market that have added calcium to them... I only have the one turtle and he is a male map, has six little fish for company, and he leaves them alone, they are also fast..His/hers eyes should be bright, and shell should be hard, and they will swim and bask in UVA light, at night I put a red bulb in for warmth, and I can see him and turn the UVB light off..have to watch the algae..Monitor the water, and basking area, and use kits if you want to eventually test water yourself,and hand feeding is really nice, not the waste of food, and you get to bond with him/her, which is very important... I hope this helps, I am sure he will be fine...sincerely, Susan.

Apr 21, 2010
baby turtle
by: Tiffany

I am going to assume you have a red ear slider. Reptiles need to have heat to digest properly. If you need an aquarium Wal mart usually has inexpensive 10 gallon tanks. It is very important to have water in the tank along with a floating "rock" or island for him to sun bathe. The light should be a u.v. light so it has the same nutrients as the sun! After you get your little guy warm enough he will eat- pellets are good and most turtles like strawberries!! I wish you well : )

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