my tortoise's have white rings around there eyes

by M jones

Hi i recently bought to horsefield tortoise's 1 male (Tuc) and 1 female (lula). i first noticed lula's eyes seen puffy in morning when she gets up and the skin around her eyes is a pale shade almost white. now also Tuc has deleloped this pale skin it seens to get better toward the afternoon. is this normal? i have a open top large set up and the torotoise are 08 hachlings. Please can someone help me i am constantly researching as i would like to give my tortoise's the best home. one side of table is soil on side is pellets i also have medow hay mixed with soil area were they seem to spend most of there time. Also Tuc seems more active than lula. i have only had them a week please help!!!!!!!!!!

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