does My Gulf coast box turtle has an unusual diet?

well my gulf coast box turtle is really strange to begin with. he is spoiled and pampered and was rescued from my neighbors dog with type one injuries. he is set up in a glass aquarium and cannot swim so instead i treat him like a tortoise and use zoomed supplies. he loves strawberrries and crickets and hates worms lettuce cabbbage tomatoe olive and just about everything you would think to feed a normal box turtle. my family and i took a trip to texas and my dad and oldest brother stayed home my brother has to work alot so my dad mainly fed button my turtle.we had run out of strawberries and crickets so my dad just out some crackers in there and button couldnt get enough of them. a few days ago button escaped his cage and stole my fortune cookie and my sandwich. i brought home a garden snake yesterday button ate that.he ate a mouse when we had problem with those.i was wondering if this is a unusual diet because ive tried various turtle and tortoise foods from pet stores and he hates themso is this a unusual diet for a gulf coast box turtle?

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