Do I have a turtle or a tortoise?

I don't know if my pet is a turtle or a tortoise . Please help I didn't get any of the photos yet because I'm bored with it. Please help me.



I wrote about the difference at

That will tell you which sort of chelonian you have.

If you are bored with your pet, you should either learn more about it so you won't be bored, or you should find someone who will love it. It's not fair to have a pet you don't really want.

Keep it slow and steady,


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Nov 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

where do u live i live in ireland i would love it please give it away

Nov 09, 2008
Your pet
by: Sophie Wade

Tortoises tend to have feet whereas turtles tend to have more like flippers. How can you be bored with your pet! Theyre amazing little things (or big!) I could never get bored with my tortoises. they are a constant source of entertainment with their own little personalities. If you really are bored of it then you really need to find a home where it would be loved and cared for properly. If you decide your pet is a tortoise i would happily rehome it for you.

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