How much water?

by Susan

Do I keep water in the enclosure, or not? I am soaking my Hermann hatchling daily. The store where I purchased him/her, said don't leave the water in the enclosure. Do I, don't I?

Help, ox new Tortoise lover!

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Apr 13, 2009
i would say
by: Anonymous

well it does depend on the type of tortoise u have, the type i have is a Murry short neck and its a fresh water tortoise so it needs a tank about 2 thirds full of water. but most tortoises are land based and only soak in water now and then.but the main thing to remember is they have brain n they chose there own things in live. so if i were u i would provide it an equal amount of land and water. even if its something like half tank of water n the other half rocks. watch it over a few days see what it likes more then depends on what it likes more is what you put of of in the tank

Dec 28, 2008
tortoise soak
by: Shelly

Keep water for drinking available, but don't leave the soaking water in except for the time the tortoises are actually soaking.

Keep it slow and steady.

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