Is my turtle dead? :'(

by Li
(Albany, NY USA)

I have 2 red ear painted turtles that I have raised from when they were only a few weeks old for about 14 years when I was 7. I got worried this morning as they were both on the bottom of the water tank. After a little bit one of prodding one woke up and is currently swimming around. I put some floating sticks and fresh vegetables into the tank. The other turtle still did not wake up. I know its hibernating season and the water is about 43-46F.

I have not been feeding the turtles for a few weeks since they just float on the water uneaten.

The other turtle that I suspect is dead, is not floating on the water. The shell is not loose. Its eyes are closed. However, it does not look to be breathing and its limbs are limp including its neck. It doesn't smell.

Help! What should I do?

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Mar 07, 2010
Is my Turtle dead
by: Susan

Hi, I don't believe they hibernate in captivity. They need warmer water, low to mid 70's, UVA heat and UVB light for vitamin D to help absorb nutrients, calcium, vitamin A, Vitamin D etc. clean water, good filter, large enough will have to increase the water gradually over a few days.....floating log or dock rocks, some place to get out of the water and dry off... while digesting food and drying off shell to prevent disease.. I hope this helps. all the best, Susan..

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